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Conquer the Old World in this historical, epic strategy game from Soren Johnson, Lead Designer of Civilization IV and Offworld Trading Company. Every year is a turn, and each leader is a mere mortal, so your lasting legacy will be the dynasty you leave behind.



Old World Update #78

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Highlighted Changes: Increased food from game, citrus, fish crabs, pigs , cows, goats and sheep Council projects boost training, civics and money have been reduced Dyes and Pearls resources are now worth +20 money +2 culture 9 new events added Added reminder system, using a ping you can set a message to appear on a …

Old World Update #77

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An Update: To all our fans thank you for the continued support, as we approach the new year we will be reducing the frequency of updates. We will be moving to semi-monthly builds. Update #78 will be November 17th, 2021. You can always find us on Discord if you have any issues or feedback to …

Old World Update #76

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Highlighted Changes: Music added from Grammy-Award-Winning Christopher Tin, also available on Spotify I Lift My Eyes (feat. Abeer Nehme) The Augur Speaks (Rome) War Elephant (Carthage) Festival of Dionysus (Greece) The Gardens (Babylon) Zealot King (Assyria) Persepolis (Persia) Trade Routes (Egypt) I Tahmilah (feat. Camille Feghali) II Mawwal (feat. Meena Shamaly) III Tarab Pt. 1 …

Old World Update #75

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Highlighted Changes: Scholar Governor gives +2 Science from Archives Zealot Leader gives +60 Religion Opinion Schemer Agents receive +20% bonus to all agent yields Added more icons to represent existing unit abilities: Pierce, Cleave, Circle, Splash New Event: Colonies Improved road city connection visuals For more detailed build change information please read the full update …

Old World Update #74

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Highlighted Changes: It is no longer possible to swap workers if they are building an improvement Launch Offensive is now announced to all players’ turn logs Hero Leaders receive +40 Training per kill All improvements now cost +2 Maintenance, modified from the old improvement cost calculation Specialist maintenance has been adjusted; Rural Specialists: -1 Maintenance, …